Hourly Vehicles rental service in Nepal

Published Date: 2018-06-26

Vehicles are known as the modern means of transportation that helps to carry people from one place to another and give access to various place easily. There are different typical vehicles in Nepal that include wagons, buses, cars, and others. Land vehicles are classified according to the steering and drive forces applied to the ground. The locomotion of vehicles consists of means that allows displacement of the wheel with a little opposition, a power source to provide the required kinetic energy and a means that controls the motion that includes brake and steering system. There are the different importance of vehicles in these modern days. You can use the vehicles to go from one place to another so fast that saves your time. You can even carry all your belongings while traveling for a long distance. This also saves your efforts so that you can feel much comfortable driving the vehicle. Many different companies have been providing vehicle rental service in Nepal. Our company, Vehicles Nepal Pvt. Ltd. offers you the hourly vehicle rental service in Nepal with a discountable price. You can have our best service on an hourly basis starting from single hours to many. This service can facilitate you in sightseeing tour, picnic, wedding and others. We’re the top-ranking company in Kathmandu, Nepal that has been able to serve its customer with the best and well-designed vehicles in rent with an adjustable price. We’re always ready to provide you your favored cars with well-designed at any time.
Vehicles are the most favored carriers in these modern days. There are different technologies that have been implemented in our vehicles with latest designs and technologies. We provide the air condition private car service at a cheap price. You can also hire our vehicles for airport pick-ups and drop-offs as well. Our vehicles include Toyota, Suzuki, Hyundai, Mahindra, Nissan, Tata, Ford, and others. We also have vehicle rent package in Nepal that depends upon the daily as well as weekly use. We also provide monthly car rental for our regular customers for the corporate offices, banks, NGOs, and INGOs. Our hourly vehicle rent service depends upon the distance and duration you travel.
Vehicles Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has a large group of experienced staffs that have been able to fulfill the demands of the customers. We’re able to please our customers with our safe, clean and hassle-free vehicles rent service along with the experienced and friendly drivers. Besides, private vehicle rental in Nepal, we also provide off-road vehicle rental service in different remote areas of Nepal. You can also hire the vehicles for different tours and spend your holidays with your families and friends. Contact us immediately and give us a chance to serve you.


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