Private Car Hire in Nepal

Published Date: 2019-02-19

Our Company offers Private Car Hire in Nepal on various branded cars for your luxury trip in Nepal. You can, therefore, rent the best car from our reliable company. The latest model for vintage cars and luxury cars are available for rent in the major cities of Nepal. Vehicles Rental Nepal will provide you with a rented car for private tours during your stay in Nepal with low cost. We believe in experiencing self-hired car for a memorable and pleasant visit in Nepal.

How to Hire a Private Car in Nepal?
We offer several options reservation process, either by filling out an online form or directly contacting us at the office. From the list of available fleets, select your desired car and fill up your basic information. Afterward, we will contact you soon for providing the information about cost and location for the payment along with the extras. The renting cost totally depends on the brand, size, and distance you choose and you are all set to go.

Rental Cost
On our website, the costs for different types of cars are included along with the booking option. It is really important to talk with the reliable person of the company for accurate information. In our company, we can guarantee you to satisfy your every query with dependable answers.  

Available Rental Fleet
Vehicles Rental Nepal has been providing a massive range of rented vehicles for the past seven years. Car, Hiace, Land Cruiser 4WD, and many others are the small samples of the vehicles, our company offers.

Booking and Cancellation
You can rent a private car by online booking or approaching to the destination provided in the company’s website. Payment and other details can be discussed in our office or the website’s chat option. Cancellation of booking can be possible if met in person which will benefit both the parties.
We offer professional services and provide you with all the services during the period in any way possible. Book your own desired car with our company and enjoy your trip in a more relaxed manner. For further queries, do not hesitate to contact us through our page.


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