Online Car Rental Service in Nepal

Published Date: 2018-11-21

Vehicles Nepal Pvt. Ltd. offers you an authentic facility of online car rental service in Nepal at cheap and reliable price to our customers. Having more than seven years of experience in providing transportation services, our vehicle rental company provides you with a wide range of vehicle rental service in Nepal. We also provide door to door services, that way our valuable customers can save time instead of coming all the way to reach our door.
In this 21st century, the most popular cars are usually fast and luxurious. Booking a car from our Vehicles Nepal Pvt. Ltd. will give you access to some of the latest car models and brands in Nepal. Moreover, cars save your valuable time and take you to all the possible places in Nepal within a very short time and in a comfortable way in comparison with other means of transportation. Our main goal is to save your time and effort through online car rental service in Nepal.


Renting a car in Nepal gives you a better and unique experience during your travels in Nepal. Easy, fast, comfortable, and safe travel is what we promote. Vehicles Nepal Pvt. Ltd. provides you well operated and some of the latest technology cars. You can hire our cars not only for traveling in different parts of Nepal but also for traditional ceremonies such as marriage, bartabanda, puja, and so on. As Nepal is mostly consistent of high regions traveling by car or jeep lets you reach those paradise places and unique wonder spots in a comfortable and fast way. Nepal provides you with numerous magnificent natural panoramas and breathtaking adventurous opportunities that surely will be your life’s most unforgettable memory. While traveling by car in Nepal, you witness uncountable surprising and enigmatic sights that will just pop out on your way.
Who doesn’t want to capture those beautiful moments? After all, clicking photos is only the means of capturing beautiful moments of our lives!  You’ll just love your photos while going through your photo galleries later. Traveling in your own rented car provides those options including many choices for you. As you might know, many choices mean many opportunities and new opportunities lead to new discoveries during your travel by car in Nepal! Our car rental company in Kathmandu provides you with many options.  


Through filling in our user friendly and easy online forms available on our website, our online customer service system offers you to choose different brands going from classical and modern. You can choose the cars of your choice and need. By providing your preferred hiring date, time, purpose, budget, type of vehicle and place of travel, our expert team will make sure that everything is perfect and ready upon your arrival.
Our online car rental service in Nepal offers you secure online booking and payment system. With the rapid development in technology, most of the people want and ask for online services such as booking, shopping or paying bills. For saving our customers time and efforts, our expert team is always working on the improvement of our online car rental service as per the customers’ suggestions and feedback This helps us to grow as a company and increase our already outstanding customer service. Furthermore, if you are worried about budget planning and making a choice from different types of cars, then our customer-friendly professional staff will help you out for making a suitable decision. They will provide you with many options on topic-based information.


Our car rental service in Nepal offers you with different popular brands of cars like Suzuki, Hyundai, TATA, Kia, and many more. These cars are well-furnished with many systems such as air-condition, heating, seat-belt, music, and so on. But these systems vary from one to another car. Additionally, our cars can give you access to many trekking regions in Nepal. Our car hiring company in Kathmandu is more flexible and dedicated towards the customers. We provide car rental service at an affordable price, that’s the reason, our company is renowned as one of the best car hire company in Nepal.
Plan your vacations or other events in Nepal with your family, friends, colleagues, closed ones or even single, we will make your journey successful! Besides the features of car, we have highly experienced, well-trained, and responsible drivers. Our professional drivers are well-known with various routes of Nepal and can drive in any condition of the road. Besides taking care of your luggage, they will help you in lifting luggage in and out of the vehicle. With our drivers, you can travel anywhere in a relaxing mood; no stress. Enjoy long or short drives with our professional yet sociable drivers throughout Nepal!
The professional and experienced staff of this company will quickly response to your queries through our easy to use online system. Vehicles Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to the improvement of the conventional method of transportation services through online car rental service in Nepal. Our qualitative, flexible, and unique car rental service have made our company one of the best car hire companies in Nepal. Contact us through our online service and share us your plans or demand, we sure will provide our best service.
Enjoy the best of your vacation and travel in style and comfort. Book one of our cars and experience the best of Nepal!


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